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Editing a Player


Step 1: Player ID
Step 2: Choose Characters
Step 3: Checkin Details
Step 4: NPC Duty
Step 5: Payment & Buyback
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Step 1: Player ID
Step 2: Characters
Step 3: Checkout Details


Editing an Event
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Event Attendance Report




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In general, all changes made are logged in an auditable history. The auditing system shows you the history of each change, who made the change, and when.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the history - including the dates and types of changes made. The main part of the page shows the state of the item at the audit-time selected. Clicking on an change on the left will show you what the item looked like after the change is applied - but before any further updates.

At the top of the page, you will see the type (for instance, 'Added' or 'Updated'), the date the change was made, and the username for who made the change. The Previous and Next buttons allow you to quickly scroll through the change history, previewing the item at each stage of its evolution.

Auditing Events

When auditing an event, you will see the Event Title, Date and Description, and a map to the Address for the Event. Events log an audit event when:

  • The Event is Added
  • The Event is Modified or Edited
  • The Event is Deleted

Auditing Characters

When auditing a character, you will see the full character sheet. Characters log an audit event when:

  • The Character is Added
  • A Skill, Profession, or Stat (Mind, Health, or Infection) is Learned, Updated, or Deleted
  • The Character is Modified or Edited (for instance, the name changes)
  • The Character checks into an event. Usually, this is when Build is awarded
  • The Character checks out of an event. Usually, this is when skills or stats are learned.
  • The Character is Deleted

Auditing Players

When auditing a player, you will see the players' Name, Contact Information, Emergency Contact Information, Assistance Points Awarded and Spent, and any Disciplinary Actions they have been issued. Players log an audit event when:

  • The Player is Added
  • The Players is Modified or Edited (Name, contact info, etc.)
  • The Player is awarded AP or spends AP
  • The Player is issued a violation or warning
  • The players' status or Membership Type changes