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Character Sheets

You can get to a character sheet by navigating to the Characters page and clicking on the name of the character in the table. Alternatively, you can also see a Character Sheet at the beginning of checkin, while reviewing a checkin request, or at the beginning of checkout.

Character sheets include all of the necessary play-time information for a character, including:

  • Player Name, ID, and Character Name - at the top of the sheet.
  • Strain, Professions, and any Faith or Society Memberships - just below the Names at the top.
  • Total Health, Mind, and Infection points - found in the small table under the Player Name, just above the Skills list.
  • The skills list, including Mind and Build costs and who they learned each skill from.
  • NPC shift, and end-game cleaning shift - in the upper right corner, to be filled out by staff.
  • AP awards for the current game, to be filled out by staff - on the right side, just below your NPC shift.
  • Any afflictions, derangements, etc - on the right, in the middle.
  • General notes - on the right, with the Dystopia Rising logo in it.
  • Build breakdown for this event, including Available Build to spend - in the bottom right corner.

Note: When viewing this sheet during check-in, the sheet will include Build earnings for the game.

Printing the Character Sheet

Although the character sheets are designed to print on a single page, with graphics, the printing result is dependent on the settings for your browser and printer. For best results, we recommend the following:

  • Always print in landscape format.
  • If your print settings allow you to "fit" the contents to a single page, enable this setting.
  • Configure your browser to print all graphics and colors (especially if you have a color printer).
  • Print onto card-stock whenever possible, instead of plain paper. Card stock is generally more robust.
  • If you have a printer onsite during checkin, print the sheet while reviewing the check-in request. This is where the most data is automatically filled in on the sheet.