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Editing a Player


Step 1: Player ID
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Step 1: Player ID
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The Characters page lists characters in your chapter, and is searchable and sortable. Each character can be edited or audited.

  • Sorting the table: click on the column name to sort. Click again to reverse the sort.
  • Table paging: The number of rows shown is restricted. You can choose the number of rows with the dropdown at the bottom of the table. To scroll pages, click the arrow buttons at the bottom of the table.
  • Items are editable: You can either click the Edit button on the right side of the table, or double-click a row to edit it. Note that clicking the Edit button provides more detailed options.

Searching for Characters

The Advanced Search form is hidden by default - click on the Advanced Search link at the top of the page to expand it.

The general 'Search' field will find characters by name, Player ID, or notes. You can also search specifically by Name or Player (Name or ID), or filter by Chapter, Strain, Status, or Designation (Primary, Secondary, or Tertiaty).

Note: You can view a character's current printable sheet by clicking on the Character Name in the table.

Editing a Character

To edit a character, you can either:

  • Double-click the Characters' row to edit in-place. After making changes, click Save to commit your changes.
  • Click the Edit button to edit more details, including the Skills and Events Attendance.

For more details on editing characters, see Editing Character Details.