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Checking Players into an Event

The check-in system is designed to make the overall check-in process easier and quicker for both players and staff. The general workflow for Check-ins is the following:

  1. Choose a Player to check in - either by Player ID or Name
  2. Choose the characters they will be playing this game
  3. For each player:
    1. Decide how many Build will be purchased (if any)
    2. Spend AP - either on items or Build Conversion
    3. Handle any check-in skills like Big Dig, Trade Ties, Bartender's Tongue, etc.
  4. Sign up for an NPC shift - or choose to opt-out (if available)
  5. Review the player's cost for this game, and buy-back Build (if desired and available).

These choices can be completed by a player directly (on their computer before a game, or a kiosk at game), or by a staff member for the player. Completing these steps creates a "Check-in Request"; in order to complete the check-in process, the Request must be approved by a staff member.

Staff Members can review pending and past check-ins for an event on the Check-in Approval page. Pending check-ins can also be cancelled if the information is incorrect.

The recommended workflow for completing a checkin is:

  1. Find the check-in request for a particular player and verify the information with the player to ensure its accurary.
  2. Review and resolve any warnings for the player (such as no Emergency Contact information).
  3. Click each character name to open their character sheet, and print it. This sheet includes all Build earned for the event.
  4. Click the View Details button to review the NPC shift, Build earned, AP spent, and cards which must be issued.
  5. Issue cards (if any).
  6. Verify that payment has been received, and matches the expected totals.
  7. Perform a Weapons Check, and verify that all physreps have valid tags.
  8. Click the Approve button for the Check-in Request, check all boxes, and click Submit.

Once a check-in request has been approved, all characters for the player receive their Build automatically.

Check-In - Step 1: Player ID

Note: If this step is being performed by a player directly, they will need their Player ID and Check-In Password to continue.

To start the checkin process, enter the Player ID to check in. If you do not remember the players' ID, click the Find button to search for the player.

Click Next when done. If the player is not found, or has already checked in or completed the check-in request process, they will not be allowed to check in again. A check-in request can only cancelled by a staff member.

Check-In - Step 2: Choose Characters

This step lists all 'New' or 'Active' characters for the player. To continue, place a check in each character that the player will bring into game at this event.

You can also click the "View" link to preview each character sheet. Click Next when done.

Note: Only Advanced members can have a tertiary character, and only a maximum of 2 characters per player can attend an Event.

Check-In - Step 3: Checkin Details

For each character, players must decide:

  • Whether to purchase additional Build. The maximum is set on a per-event basis.
  • Whether to convert AP into Build (at a rate of 10 AP per Build, up to 2)
  • Which items (if any) to purchase with AP

To purchase an item with AP:

  1. In the "Spend Ap" section, click the Add button
  2. In the dialog that opens, choose the item you want to purchase and click Submit.
  3. The item will be added to the list of purchased items, and your remaining AP is updated.

If your character has check-in skills, they will be shown here as additional sections.

Big Dig

Big Dig is a skill which lets you "roll the dice" to receive additional items during this checkin step. For each level, you may roll the dice and get a random item from the list of available items. Some results may cause bodily damage, while others allow you to re-roll. Remember, you aren't required to use Big Dig if you don't want to!

To roll the dice, click the "Roll the Dice" button next to the Big Dig level you wish to use. The results will be displayed, and added to your Check-in Request information.

Bartender's Tongue

This ability provides your character with special information regarding the Event you are signing into. The information is only viewable at check-in time.

Trade Ties

This ability allows your character to exchange items, at a standard exchange rate.

To make a trade:

  1. Specify the amount, and select the item you wish to trade.
  2. The "For" section updates with the items you can trade for, and the amount you will get from the trade.
  3. Click the "Add" button to set up this trade.

You can also remove a trade from the list if you change your mind.

Note: Since the system does not actually track which cards each character has, it does not verify that you actually have any of the items you are trading. This functionality is provided for the convenience of staff, so that they can have your new item cards ready as soon as possible. Please check your items before using the Trade Ties feature to make sure you have the resources you are trading.

Check-In - Step 4: NPC Duty

All players must either select a NPC shift, or pay to opt-out. Note that some chapters and/or events may not allow opt-outs, and all events will have an opt-out limit.

The list of available NPC shifts is configured for each chapter, and shown to promote the desired balance of NPCs for specific shifts.

To continue, choose your NPC shift, or check the opt-out checkbox, and click Next.

Check-In - Step 5: Payment & Buyback

This step allows players and staff to review the expected attendance costs for the player, based on the choices they have made. For each character, if there has been an event which they missed or did not purchase additional Build for, they may do so at this time. This process is called Buyback, and is only available for events which have occurred since the character was created.

To purchase Buyback Build:

  1. Click the "Purchase Buyback Build" button for the desired character.
  2. In the dialog that opens, choose the event to purchase for. If the base price has already been paid, the Base Build and cost will be zero because the character has already purchased that event. Otherwise, the base price and Build must be purchased first.
  3. Enter the Additional Build to purchase for the past event. The maximum is set on a per-event basis.
  4. Click Submit to complete the process - the cost is added to the player's total.

To complete the Review step and the Check-in process, click the Finish button.

Note: This does not complete the checkin process, nor give characters any Build. Your request must be approved by staff!

Check-In - Step 6: Ready for Approval

At this stage in the checkin process, your request has been submitted - but not completed. A staff member must now review your request and complete the process.

If the checkin request was made by a staff member on behalf of a player, there is a link at the bottom of the page to the Checkin Approval page for the event.

Checkin Approval

In order to complete the checkin process, a Checkin Request must be approved by a staff member.

Viewing Checkin Requests

You can get to the Checkin Approval page by going to Events and clicking on the "Checkins" button for an event on the Events page, or from a button at the end of the Request process.

Note: Checkin Requests are not editable - if you want to make a change, Cancel the request and start over.

This page lists all checkin requests for a specific event. For each request, if it is awaiting approval, you may:

  • Review any warnings for the player - such as missing information or Disciplinary Actions.
  • View the Request Details - this opens a dialog containing all characters, AP spent, items and cards to be received, chosen NPC shift, and attendance cost breakdown.
  • View printable Character Sheets by clicking on the linked character name.

Approving a Checkin Request

You may approve the checkin request with the Approve button. In the dialog that opens, you will need to verify that:

  1. All Character Sheets have been printed, and are correct.
  2. All cards have been created and delivered, including currency.
  3. Full payment has been received, and matches the expected Totals calculated here.
  4. Weapons Check is complete, and all weapons have tags.

When all of these boxes are checked, click the Submit button to finalize the checkin.

Once a Checkin Request is approved, the characters are immediately awarded the Build defined in the request.

Canceling a Checkin Request

You may cancel the request with the Cancel button. This deletes the entire request from the system, and can be used to "reset" the checkin for the player.