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Checkin Approval

In order to complete the checkin process, a Checkin Request must be approved by a staff member.

Viewing Checkin Requests

You can get to the Checkin Approval page by going to Events and clicking on the "Checkins" button for an event on the Events page, or from a button at the end of the Request process.

Note: Checkin Requests are not editable - if you want to make a change, Cancel the request and start over.

This page lists all checkin requests for a specific event. For each request, if it is awaiting approval, you may:

  • Review any warnings for the player - such as missing information or Disciplinary Actions.
  • View the Request Details - this opens a dialog containing all characters, AP spent, items and cards to be received, chosen NPC shift, and attendance cost breakdown.
  • View printable Character Sheets by clicking on the linked character name.

Approving a Checkin Request

You may approve the checkin request with the Approve button. In the dialog that opens, you will need to verify that:

  1. All Character Sheets have been printed, and are correct.
  2. All cards have been created and delivered, including currency.
  3. Full payment has been received, and matches the expected Totals calculated here.
  4. Weapons Check is complete, and all weapons have tags.

When all of these boxes are checked, click the Submit button to finalize the checkin.

Once a Checkin Request is approved, the characters are immediately awarded the Build defined in the request.

Canceling a Checkin Request

You may cancel the request with the Cancel button. This deletes the entire request from the system, and can be used to "reset" the checkin for the player.