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Check-In - Step 5: Payment & Buyback

This step allows players and staff to review the expected attendance costs for the player, based on the choices they have made. For each character, if there has been an event which they missed or did not purchase additional Build for, they may do so at this time. This process is called Buyback, and is only available for events which have occurred since the character was created.

To purchase Buyback Build:

  1. Click the "Purchase Buyback Build" button for the desired character.
  2. In the dialog that opens, choose the event to purchase for. If the base price has already been paid, the Base Build and cost will be zero because the character has already purchased that event. Otherwise, the base price and Build must be purchased first.
  3. Enter the Additional Build to purchase for the past event. The maximum is set on a per-event basis.
  4. Click Submit to complete the process - the cost is added to the player's total.

To complete the Review step and the Check-in process, click the Finish button.

Note: This does not complete the checkin process, nor give characters any Build. Your request must be approved by staff!