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Editing Characters - Events

On the Events tab, you will see all of the events that the character has attended, along with the Build earned for each event (split out by how it was earned), and whether the event attendance counts as Travel. Note that Travel is important in determining how many Base Build a character earns for events - Travel events do not count towards the "number of games" rule for calculating Base Build.

You can edit the attendance information, by either double-clicking on the row for the event, or clicking the Edit button. When changes have been made, click the Save button to commit your changes or Cancel to discard them. You can also delete this attendance from the characters' history by clicking on the Delete button for it. This causes all Build to be lost - but skills / Professions are NOT removed as a result. If Event Attendance is removed here, please make sure that the character still has a positive Build balance.

Adding an Event

Warning: This is not the typical way for characters to gain event Build. We strongly recommend using the check-in / check-out process instead!

To add Event Attendance:

  1. Choose the Event from the list on the right. Only Events which occurred after the character was created will be available in this list - but you will see all events for all Chapters (to facilitate Travel Attendance). Be sure you choose the right one!
  2. The Earned Build will be filled in automatically, based on the number of events attended, and whether this would be a Travel event. You can override this if needed - but we strongly recommend against it!
  3. Specify amount of Build purchased, converted from AP, or earned via referral.
  4. Click the Add button - event attendance is added and Build is awarded.