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Editing Characters - General

In addition to stats and abilities, characters have the following settings:

  • Name: The characters' name
  • Creation Date: The date on which the character was created. This is used in checkin for finding events eligible for buyback, reporting, etc.
  • Status: The current character status. When switched to Retired or Dead, the characters' Build is available for transfer (but not when deleted). The New status is not different from Active - it is just used for organization.
  • Home: The chapter which this character calls home. Only Advanced members can have separate home chapters per character.
  • Strain: See the rulebook for details about Strains
  • Faith (optional): The babtized Faith of the character, if any. Used solely on character sheets.
  • Derangement (optional): Generally populated after a gravemind encounter. Used here solely on character sheets.
  • Notes: Can contain whatever you need to put into the Notes section of a character sheet. Also helpful in searching for characters.

To make a change to any of these settings, simply update the field and click the Save button (it's near the upper right corner of the Name field).

Managing Professions

On this page, you can also manage the characters' Professions and Advanced Professions. Generally, this should be done during check-out...but you can also edit them here.

To add a Profession or Advanced Profession, select it from the dropdown and click "Add". Note that, if the player does not have the Build required to learn a new profession (or if they already have 3), you will not be able to add it here.

Each character can also Forget a Profession. This can only be done once per character, and costs the character all of the skills learned through that Profession. To Forget a Profession, click the Drop button next to the Profession you want to forget. If a Profession has already been dropped by the character, the button(s) will not appear.

Managing Stats

Characters have Health, Mind, and Infection points - these are shown here as they would appear on the Character Sheet.

To edit a stat:

  1. Click the Edit link next to the stat you wish to modify
  2. In the dialog that opens, you may Edit or Delete stats which were learned at each Event (you can also double-click to edit)
  3. You can add stats by specifying the number of points learned, and the Event at which the stat was learned, and clicking "Submit".
  4. When done, close the window or click the Close Window button in the upper-right corner of the dialog.

Note: Changes in the popup are saved immediately, but you will need to refresh the Edit Character page to see those changes.