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Editing Characters - Skills

On the Skills tab, you will see all of the skills that the character has learned, along with the Mind Points cost, Build Cost (how much Build the character spent to learn it), the Teacher (or SELF if self-taught, or START of the character started with the skill), and the date that the skill was learned on.

You can edit amount of Build spent to learn the skill, the Teacher for the skill, and the date it was learned. To do this, either double-click on the row for the skill you wish to edit, or click the Edit button. When changes have been made, click the Save button to commit your changes or Cancel to discard them. You can also delete a skill by clicking on the Delete button for it. This causes the skill to be unlearned, and the Build refunded, as if it were never learned (but this action will show up in an Audit).

Note: Dates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD. This means a four-digit year, followed by a dash, two-digit month, another dash, and a two-digit day.

Adding a Skill

Warning: This is not the typical way for characters to learn skills. We strongly recommend using the check-in / check-out process instead!

To add a skill:

  1. Choose the skill from the list on the right. Only skills which the character is allowed to learn (through their Strain, Professions, or the Open list) will be available in this list.
  2. The Mind Cost and Build Cost will be filled in automatically. You can override the Build Cost if needed - but we strongly recommend against it!
  3. Specify the Teacher as a Player ID. If the Skill is self-taught, enter 0.
  4. Enter the date on which the skill was learned. This should coincide with the Event that it was learned at.
  5. Click the Add Skill button - the skill is added.