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Editing Event Details

Each event tracks the following fields:

  • Name: The name of the event
  • Starts At: The date and time the event officially starts. This controls the definition of "past" and "upcoming" events in several places, such as build buyback, the Events page, editing characters, and enabling checkin and checkout on a per-event basis.
  • Ends At: The date and time the event officially ends. This will be used in the future for the in-game control panel, but also affects the definition of a "past" event.
  • Location: The location defines the address and/or GPS coordinates for an event location, and is tied to a Chapter. When players view event details, they will see the location (including a Google Map) to the location.
  • Details: Information presented to players viewing the event. May include a description of the event, how to find the location, or any special considerations for environmental or in-game conditions.
  • Bartender's Tongue: Information presented to characters who have the skill "Bartender's Tongue" as a checkin skill.
  • Max Base Build: The maximum amount of Base Build that can be learned at this event. Very rarely not 4.
  • Max Build Purchase: The maximum amount of additional Build that a player can purchase for their characters. The number is per-character, and is generally 2 for most events. However, once a year special events are held in which players can purchase more.
  • Max NPC Opt-Out: The maximum number of slots for NPC opt-outs. If set to zero, NPC Opt-out is disabled during checkin for this event.