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Editing Player Details

For each player, we track a number of fields, including:

  • Name: The player's real name
  • Email: Used for contacting the player, particularly when sending announcements to checked-in players
  • Emergency Contact and Phone: Required for attending an event, in case of emergency
  • Waiver: Required for all players. This can be any file uploaded to the site, but is generally a scan of the signed document.
  • Type: The membership type, or Expired. Switching the Type to Advanced automatically awards 2 Build for each 'New' or 'Active' characters that the player has on file.
  • Referred By: Used to award referral points to the player who referred this player. This can only be set when creating a new player.

When making changes on this page, only the above fields are saved when you click the "Save" button.

Managing Assistance Points

You can either award or spend player AP from this page. To award AP:

  1. On the Edit Player page, find the "Award AP" section on the right
  2. Enter the date on which the AP was earned.
  3. Choose the Chapter for which the AP was awarded - usually your own chapter. All AP is local to a specific chapter, and can only be spent at the Chapter for which it was awarded.
  4. Specify the amount of AP earned or spent, and (optionally) give a reason for the earnings or expenditure.

In the Assistance Points section, you will also see all AP earned and spent, including items and Build purchased during checkins. You can edit these items by double-clicking on the table row to edit in-place, or clicking on the Edit button. When finished, click the Save button to commit changes or Cancel to discard them. You can also Delete the row from the history with the Delete button

Managing Disciplinary Actions

There are several types of Disciplinary Actions, including everything from player warnings to bans. To issue an Action:

  1. Find the "Issue Disciplinary Action" section near the bottom right of the page
  2. Choose the Action Type:
    • Player Warning: Usually given as first-time warnings for players who violated rules without malicious intent. Usually expires after 3 months.
    • Genre Violation: Usually given to players who are repeatedly asked to return to character or who repeatedly bring non-genre items into game. Usually expires after 3 months.
    • Rules Violation: Usually given to players who are misusing a skill, or using a skill they do not possess, violating safety guidelines, etc. Usually expires after 3 months.
    • Suspension: Usually given if a player repeatedly breaks the rules or safety guidelines to a point where they are asked to leave the game. Usually expires after 6 months.
    • Ban: Banning a player is at the discretion of a Chapter, and means that a player is not allowed to play at that Chapter's Events without special permission from the Chapter's staff. Usually lasts for
  3. Choose the Duration of the Action (the expiration date), and enter any Notes about why the Action was issued.
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the form - the Action is issued and will automatically remain in effect for the specified duration.