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The Events page lists both upcoming and past Events for your chapter. Upcoming Events can be edited or audited. You can also view checkin requests for upcoming events, and check players out of past Events.

Both past and upcoming events are automatically sorted by Date. At the top of the page, you will find Filter checkboxes which allow you to tweak which events you see in the tables.

  • Show Deleted: Includes deleted events in both the upcoming and past lists.
  • Show All Past: By default, the list of past events only shows the last 6 months. When this Filter is enabled, all past events are shown.

Editing an Event

Note: Past events are not editable.

To edit an upcoming event, you can either:

  • Double-click the Event's row to edit in-place. After making changes, click Save to commit your changes or Cancel to discard them.
  • Click the Edit button to edit more details, including the start/end times, Details, Build limits, and NPC Opt-out limits.

For more details on editing events, see Editing Event Details.

Creating a New Event

  1. On the events page, find the section called "Create an Event"
  2. Enter a name for the event, set the start / end dates and times, and select a location.
    Note: Locations are tracked on a per-chapter basis; click the Manage Locations link to create, edit, or delete available locations.
  3. Enter any details you want to show up for players to see when viewing an Event.
  4. Specify the maximum allowed Build that can be earned or purchased at this event. For most events, the max Base Build is 4, and the Max Purchase is 2. However, once a year an event is held which allows additional Build purchase.
  5. Specify the maximum number of NPC opt-outs that you will allow. If you use zero, the NPC Opt-out feature in checkin is hidden.
  6. Click Create Event

The new Event is added to the list(s) above.

Managing Available NPC Shifts

During checkin, players are allowed to choose which NPC shift they would prefer - with some restrictions. At the bottom of the Events page, there is a list of allowed NPC Shifts, when they start and end, which Chapter they belong to, and the desired ratio for each shift.

At the bottom of the table is a short form for inserting a new NPC shift.

The "Ratio" is used to determine which shifts options to present to a player during checkin. If a particular shift is mush more full than the others, it will be removed from the list of options for players, forcing them to choose other shifts according to this ratio. If the ratio is set to zero, the shift is effectively disabled.

Tip: You can modify available shifts between events to adjust the balance based on planned activities in the game.